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Definition of Technology

What Is Technology?

Technology is the tangible in addition to intangible practical application of proven knowledge inward a given patch which aims to create as well as improve tools, materials together with processes.

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Technology is also applied inwards the land of science. But it is vital to know that engineering together with scientific discipline aredissimilar subjects, rather they piece of work hand-inwards-manus to reach specific tasks or solve problems.

The term ‘Technology” is broad, together with everyone has their own way of interpreting its significant. We exercisetechnology to achieve various tasks inwards our daily lives, in brief; we tin can describe technology equally products too processes used to simplify our daily lives. We utilization engineering to extend mankind’s abilities, making people the most crucial constituent of whatever technological system.

We apply technology inward almost everything nosotros do inwards our daily lives; nosotros utilisation engineering at piece of work, nosotros utilization technology for communication, transport, educational activity, manufacturing, securingdata, scaling businesses as well as therefore much more than.  Technology is human knowledge which involves tools, materials, in addition to systems. The application of engineering typically results inward products. If technology is well applied, it benefits humans, but the contrary is unfortunately truthful, whentechnology is used for malicious reasons.

Many businesses are using engineering to remain competitive, they create novel products together with services using technology, as well as they also employment technology to deliver those products in addition to services to their customers on fourth dimensiontoo inside budget. A adept instance is mobile phones companies similar Apple & Samsung, these mobile empires, utilization high-end technology to create novel smartphones together with other electronic devices to rest competitive. This competitive edge is gained through employing advanced electric current engineering.

Let’s wait at aunproblematic illustration of how people usage engineering on a daily ground.

Advancing Technology

Technology is dynamic; it keeps on improving because our needs as well as demands for technology keep on changing. We have moved from the industrial historic period (industrialrevolution) to an info age. During the industrial historic period, companies with large sums of capital had the potential of employing expensive technological tools to gain the competitive reward; pocket-sized businesses had less potential because they could not afford expensive manufacturing or processing technology tools. However, advancement inwardsengineering has created a novel economical environment which depends on information, and that is what we telephone call the ‘’INFORMATION AGE’’. The info historic period provides a different work environment, together with this has helped small businesses gain place inwards highly competitive markets.

Let’s accept a uncomplicated representative together with see how engineering has advanced:

Types as well as Examples of Technology

We utilisation engineering to reach diverse tasks, thence technology comes inward different forms. Below I have got listed some of the unlike types of engineering nosotros utilization on a daily footing as well as inward each form of technology I have got included aninstance of that particular engineering.

Communication Technology

This is a scheme that uses technical agency to transmit info or data from one place to some other or from one soul to some other.  Communication is a daily essential for all; it is used to convey ideas, telephone exchange info, too express emotions. Humans utilisation communication technology tools like phones, computers, emails, fax or messaging tools to remain inward touch withfriends too family unit. Businesses usage communication engineering tools to facilitate the flow of info inward a workplace, to help inwards conclusion making, to serve customers needs and requests, to promote novel products or services to targeted consumers together with thus much more.

Example of Communication Technology

Plantronics M165 Marque 2 Ultralight Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This uncomplicated elegant device allows for a hands-free conversation on any mobile device, it is completely compatible with Android or IOS. It features dual microphones to cut down racket in addition to wind interference forcrystal clear call character. Also, it boasts over vii hours utter time.

Construction Technology

This is the study of advanced methods as well as equipment used to build basic and advanced structures. One type includes buildings too heavy technology structures like bridges. Construction methods employment diverse technological products to erect a structure. The employment of construction engineering tools similar heavy tractors to ready the solid ground,calculator-aided pattern software to create digital designs for structures inwards 2D and3D format. These tools along with many others aid builders to efficiently complete a project on time, inside budget as well as with minimum accidents.

Example of Construction Technology

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2-Tool Combo Kit

Equipped with the best of Milwaukee’s technology these tools are prepared for whatsoever task you tin can through at it. Supported past the best brushless motors available together with a powerful M18 Battery Pack.


Assistive engineering is used past people with disabilities to reach specific tasks that are hard or impossible to perform. The term ”Assistive” agency helping or providing an extra manus. Assistive technology is beingness used inward many ways, in schools itis used to aid students with Autism to learn amend, it is used to assist people with disabled bodies displace, additionally, with the use of spoken communication recognition applications those who are unable to type are able to utilisation a computer together with thus much more. Due to advancement in engineering, we have a diverseness of assistive technologies that assist many to achieve tasks that may otherwise be considered impossible.

Example of Assistive Technology

Off-road Wheelchair

Image from: www.wheelchairdriver.com

This off-route wheelchair tin can assist people with disabilities to displace comfortably.

Medical Technology

This is the type of technology which is used toextend as well as improve human life. Medical engineering reduces patient’s hurting together with cares for an injury. Developed countries have benefited from the employment of medical engineering in their healthcare systems, and this explains the argue why people inwards developed countries go out longer than people inward developing countries. Medical engineering is used to diagnose infections, treat diseases too to inquiry diseases affecting humans, etc..

Example of MedicalTechnology

tap20 point of care testing

TAP xx™ for Point-of-Care Testing – SeventhSenseThis Point-of-Care Testing can help doctors obtain patient’s blood without a diagnosis. It comes with so many advantages which include:

  • It’s painless forthe patient.
  • It keeps the blood sample until used for testing.

Information Technology

Information Technology is a laid of hardware in addition to software tools used to shop, transfer as well as procedure information. Information technology tools assist inwards providing the right people with the right information at the right fourth dimension. Knowledge workers inward an arrangement use information technology to consummate diverse tasks, as well as these caninclude; transferring of info which facilitates decision making within an organization, improve customer service, in addition to hence much more. In this information historic period, it is imperative to handle info systems to ensure accuracy as well as efficiency. Management information systems (MIS) involves planning for, evolution, management, in addition to usage of informationtechnology tools to assist knowledge workers together with people perform all tasks related to info processing too management. Big financial institutions similar banks employment info technology to operate their entire businesses equally good every bit serve their customers.

Examples of Information Technology

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro WiFi Router

This consummate routerfeatures ultra Fast AC technology allowing for Up to 2.6Gbps of wireless speed. It houses a powerful Dual-sum 1.7Ghz processor, a 4 port switch too 2 USB three.0 slots. All you lot would e’er demand for information transfer at dwelling.

Entertainment Technology

This utilisation of technology to create an entertainment experience. Since entertainment is likewise broad, everyone gets entertained inward their way. Technology is used to create video games, todevelop musical systems in addition to hence much more than.  Entertainment engineering includes things similar video, sound, animations, scenery fabrication, estimator simulations, interactive environments too thence much more than.

Example of Entertainment Technology

Numark Mixtrack 3

A DJ Console with all the bellsand whistles. Everything you lot need to entertain!

Business Technology

This is technology used to run a business organisation as well as raise various concern operations, it unremarkably consists of a combination of software and hardware. Many businesses are using technology to scale its growth. Small businesses have got used technology to create new ways of competing with good-established companies. To some extent, some concern technologies can brand a pocket-sized companionshipexpect similar a large companionship, too this can aid a pocket-size concern gain position inward a competitive market place.

Example of Business Technology

3D Printer – Created by formlabs

This is anaffordable 3D printer that allows designers to create advanced 3D objects. Its size too design are a perfect agree for every part desk space. With this 3D printer, y’all tin can create every bit many 3D models as you lot desire. Use its software to generate thin, breakable support structures. Learn more most this FORM2 3D printer hither.

Educational Technology

Education technology aims at improving a students performance past creating and managing various technological processes and resources in or out the classroom. It is an academic subject which prepares individuals to acquire deeper agreement together with knowledge. It helps them acquire how to devise solutions to problems through inquiry, blueprint, evaluation, together with utilization. Educational technology helps inwards improving the way nosotros acquire, some of the benefits of educational technologyinclude:

  • – It motivates students together with encourages individual learning.
  • – Easy access to educational stuff
  • – Helps students acquire novel subjects as well as languages through gamification

Example of Education Technology


Teachers y’all tin endeavour this Paperless grading application for iPad. If y’all want to have got a paperless classroom together with your students hold access to iPads, so this engineering will be of neat employment to you too your students. Markup has completely changed the wayteachers mark examine together with exam papers; students tin can submit electronic papers to be marked by their teachers electronically, this saves fourth dimension and resources on both sides.

What is the Difference Between Science too Technology?

Technology is not applied science, both engineering as well as science are closely related, but they are dissimilar in so many ways.

Technology develops together with explains the human-madeearth; it involves development, processing, and direction;


Science explains the natural earth; science refers to systematic methodology used to assemble accurate info well-nigh shared reality.

During the procedure of gathering this information, technological tools are used. For representative, microscopes are biological tools which tin can live used to study specific facts virtually anything with life.

Scientific knowledge is gathered fromdetached observations. Scientists tin can exercise this gathered information using technological tools to explain why certain things come about in addition to this all process tin can live described as enquiry.

As humans, nosotros use both engineering and science together, that is why we confuse these ii to live the same. Science is knowledge of the natural world while technology is human-made earth determined by processing, evolution, in addition to management.

For yous to sympathize the difference between science tooengineering, consider instance in figure (3) below:

Figure (iii)

Look closely at the ikon (a), it shows you lot a volcanic mountain erupting, this is a natural land of ourglobe, together with it is only scientific discipline which explains how this volcanic activity happens based on extensive enquiry as well as data gathered by the scientist. In the picture (b), we consider a scientist using a microscope to do enquiry too get together information. A microscope is a human-made engineering designed to help scientists do enquiry. So that way that both concepts piece of work paw in paw, but they are completely dissimilar. Humans have got developed diverse technological tools to assist us solve problems during our daily lives,but also this engineering can touch the natural setup of our surround if misapplied.

Advantages too Disadvantages of Technology?

Technology is skillful because it simplifies the way nosotros do things inwards our daily lives, yet, if the engineering is wrongly applied, it tin can live harmful inwards so many ways. Technology is developed past humans, therefore we tin can use it to accomplish almost every task; it makes the impossible waitpossible.  However, for y’all to empathise the reward in addition to disadvantage of engineering today, nosotros can employment an representative inwards figure (4) below:

Figure (4)

Asyou can reckon in the photograph above, if the engineering is well implemented it tin can live of corking utilization to humanity, but it tin can also drive harm. Below I have detailed points on the reward and disadvantage of technology inwards business organization, classroom or teaching.

Advantages of Technology inward Business

  • Increases production: Technology helps businesses automate most tasks together with this process results inwards increasedproduction as well as efficiency. Business tin automate tasks inward the accounting department by using accounting software similar QuickBooks. Bakeries tin can automate the temperature room past using temperature sensors to observe a driblet or an increment inward temperature.
  • Technology Helps pocket-sized business gain competitive reward: If concern technology is good implemented, it tin can aid a pocket-sized business gain place inward a competitive marketplace. Some of the ways minor businesses employment technologyto scale out together with gain a skilful position inward the market are; improving customer aid services through net technologies like social networks  as well as electronic post, creating new products in addition to services tailored basing on customers needs as well as wants
  • Saves fourth dimension: Since most of the activities inward the business are automated, fourth dimension is saved during the procedure. Computers tin can live used to perform diverse business tasks, for example, a calculator can live used to record information, it canlive used in video conferencing, too much more.
  • Technology accelerates design: The exclusively way small businesses can succeed inwards today’s competitive world is by using technology to create novel products or services. Small businesses tin can exercise internet technology to collect info virtually targeted consumers so that they empathise their needs as well as wants; this info tin can live used when tailoring new products or services.
  • It improves sharing ofinfo: Many businesses use internal networks to facilitate the current of information inside the organization. This internal network tin can help inwards the transfer of info amongst unlike departments at work. Also, employees tin can part unlike technologies similar printers, fax machines, together with net via an internal network.  This piece of cake flow of information also improves the speed at which decisions are made inwards a business organization.
  • It improves on informationstorage: It is critical to continue business concern information secure because a disaster tin strike your business concern as well as y’all lose all of import info.  The utilisation of databases as well as remote storage facilities helps inwards keeping concern information too data secure together with accessible from anywhere.
  • Technology simplifies business concern communication: Every business survives on communication; yous need to communicate with your suppliers, business partners, too employees, henceengineering will brand this all procedure elementary. Many businesses employment communication technologies similar mobile phones, video conferencing applications similar Skype, text messaging services and electronic mail service to central important business info.

Disadvantages of Technology inward Business

  • It’s expensive: Technology comes at a cost, not every small business organization tin deal to utilisation technology. Afterbuying in addition to integrating engineering inwards business organisation, you lot volition hold to pay some other cost of maintaining that technology, monthly maintenance is recommended, together with this tin live expensive.
  • Not Safe: Technology is non condom; it is rattling like shooting fish in a barrel to lose business information through net technology. Hackers can easily access your remote database too exercise your concern information for their ain needs.
  • Social/ Workplace Disconnection: Over-dependence on engineering haskilled workplace relationships, employees in addition to business organization managers communicate through email, phones, text messages as well as video conferences, this kills face-confront communication.  Also, most tasks are beingness automated, thus you lot uncovering that employees hold less involvement in the final product which leads to dissatisfaction in addition to workplace boredom.

Advantages of Technology in the Classroom

  • Technology Promotesindividual learning: Students tin use their iPads and net to do personal enquiry online together with educate themselves. When a pupil is inwards command of what they larn, they volition hold no fright of making mistakes, and this volition encourage them to explore more virtually a specific subject. Many teachers are allowing students to carry out personal inquiry on particular topics; the results can live shared with other students or the entire classroom via a smart whiteboard.
  • ItPromotes Students engagement in the classroom: Since educational technologies like digital whiteboards are interactive, teachers can give students a gamble to teach their swain students using this interactive whiteboard. Also, the integration of Gamification technologies keeps students entertained and attentive while inwards the classroom because games take away that irksome atmosphere inward the classroom.  Students tin larn subjects like Math and English through playing games.
  • TechnologyHelps students acquire how to write together with spell: The use of computers to take notes inwards the classroom has helped so many students acquire how to write good-composed essays. Computers hold news applications together with built-inward dictionaries which volition auto-right grammer mistakes patch students are taking notes inwards the classroom. Also, teachers are encouraging students to create personal blogs so that they can practice in addition to improve their writing in addition to spelling skills.
  • TechnologyEncourages grouping learning: The employment of group sharing technologies like Piazza.com / Snagit / NoodleTools.com has helped shy students join give-and-take groups inwards the classroom without exposing their identities.Group discussions assist students inquire questions together with larn more nigh a specific subject. Group discussions tend to create a strong human relationship among students inward the classroom, in addition to they also assist shy students larn how to socialize with others in the classroom.
  • It prepares students for technical working environments: Students are taught how to employment computers as well as various technological tools which tin live of great do good when they complete schoolhouse and offset applying forjobs. As the world keeps on advancing, all jobs of the hereafter will require applicants to have got some technical skills. So the utilization of engineering inward the classroom prepares students for tomorrow’s technical working weather condition.
  • Technology encourages risk-taking due to the challenges it presents: Technology is challenging to learn, in addition to it presents students with puzzles tosolve. During this process of solving academic puzzles, student’s brains go abrupt, and they tend to acquire interested in taking more risks. Life is well-nigh taking risks, thence if our students larn how to accept risks piece in the classroom, so it will be easier for them to accept more calculated risks afterwards school.
  • Technology assists students with disabilities: Assistive educational engineering similar iPads, Robots, Games tin assist students with diseases like Autism larn how to speak and write.  Also, deaf students tin easily communicate using mobile text messaging in the classroom, in addition to this can increase their engagement in the classroom.
  • Technology bridges the gap between teachers and students: Teachers and students are using advanced educational technologies toconnect more than than before. New mobile text messaging technologies similar www.remind101.com, tin can live used by teachers to remind their students near enquiry piece of work, remind them to set for a prove or test.
  • Technology simplifies teachers piece of work: Teachers have got found creative ways of making their work easier past using technology inwards the classroom. For illustration, a instructor does non demand to travel through the hassle of marker thousands of exam/examine papers, immediately nosotros have got a novel iPadapplication ‘’Markup’’  which turns all students exams into electrical papers, too teachers tin can grade these examination papers with an iPad. This creates a paperless classroom because most students tin afford computers, hence exams are assigned to students electronically.

Disadvantages of Technology inward the Classroom

  • Distraction in the classroom: Students dear to use engineering in theclassroom, but it tends to distract them, for instance, the employment of mobile phones to study inward the classroom, distracts some students. Most of these smartphones hold social applications like twitter, facebook, Youtube and Pinterest; students tend to exercise thesesocial applications on their smartphones for amusement purposes piece inwards the classroom.
  • It is expensive: Schools with pocket-sized budgets can not afford to integrate technology into their classrooms. Also, parents with limited income tin can not afford to buy laptops or iPads for their children. So non every school or student will be inward a position to usage engineering inward the classroom.  Then for schools which have managed to integrate engineering into their classrooms,discovery trouble when it comes to maintaining these educational technologies.
  • Requires Training: Both teachers as well as students need extra grooming on how to use diverse educational technologies, this tin cost both time in addition to money.

How to Solve Problems Using Technology?

Technology is designed with a purpose of solving problems; it has to run into human needs too wants. We use technology inward hence manyways; at to the lowest degree everyone uses engineering inwards 1-way or some other. A problem exists when we encounter difficulty; job-solving is human demeanour, though our approach varies from individual-to-mortal. During the procedure of solving a job, the next is taken into consideration;

  • Develop an agreement of the job through observation.
  • Devise a programme for solving that problem
  • Implementing the plan.
  • Evaluating the programme.
  • Technology volition live used inward allthose 4 stages of problem-solving, all the same, for you to easily empathize how to solve problems using engineering, regard picture instance below.


Look closely at the phototo a higher place, on the left nosotros consider the job is the traffic jam inwards the city and on the right; you lot tin reckon that ane of the solutions of solving this traffic jam is past using high-speed electronic trains. The job was identified, and engineering was used to programme the solution in addition to implement that solution in the urban center. The exercise of high-speed electronic trains has reduced traffic jam in big cities similar Newyork. Below I hold listed four basic phases y’all need to know well-nigh when solving problems withtechnology.

  • Identifying a Technological Problem

During this stage, you lot volition need to define the problem by explaining the state of affairs that needs a technological solution in addition to establishing the criteria that technological scheme or device has to run into.  Then y’all have to assemble information needed to start out developing solutions for the problem or state of affairs.

  • Developing a solution

During this stage, y’all volition demand to developpossible solutions that tin can solve a given problem. You will try more than than 1 solution until you lot refine the best solution to solve that problem permanently together with encounter the opportunity.

  • Evaluating the Solution

At this stage, yous volition be modeling the best solution through testing and evaluating all proposed solutions by employment of graphics, statistics, in addition to mathematical modeling techniques. For yous to select the best technological solution, you lot volition need to comparethe blueprint solutions regarding economical, marketplace, technical, production, together with environmental criteria to decide the best solution to that special job.

  • Communicating the Solution

Now that you lot have got evaluated all solutions, it is fourth dimension to communicate the terminal solution to your team through graphical drawings, reports, in addition to mathematical means. If you concur with your team, yous tin can now travel ahead together with acquaint the solution for approval from the management orregime.

In Conclusion

Judging from the 4 steps of solving a job using technology, y’all volition regard that the technology we are using started with an idea of solving a job or coming together an opportunity. A individual or a grouping of people saw the problem or the chance, and they designed solutions for meeting that problem or chance. Today we hold various technologies which were designed to solve elementary problems, for example, socialnetworks like Facebook.com, twitter.com have got solved communication together with social interaction job.

As I conclude this chapter of “WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY?” , I hope that y’all deeply sympathize the pregnant of technologytypes of technology existence used todaythe advantages in addition to disadvantages of technology together with how yous can employment engineering to solve daily problems.