What is Technology: A Complete Overview

So, What is engineering science? Technology is the written report of how people employment scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. Technology can be anything from a simple tool or machine to complex computer hardware. The roots of engineering science can be traced dorsum to ancient civilizations, alongside innovations like using waterwheels for grinding grain or creating looms to weave material. Today, engineering has get an inseparable part of our daily lives. To know farther virtuallytechnologies keep reading this article.

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Information and Education

  • What are the types of applied science?
  • Advantages of technologies
  • Disadvantages of Technology
  • How does engineering impact our lives?

A Brief History of Technology

The term technology stems from the Greek word techné, significant fine art too arts and crafts, together with the word logo,pregnant give-and-take and speech communication. It began to refer to applied arts, but it is at present used to depict advancements too changes which impact the surround around us.

Historians have got non all the same defined the specific bespeak in human history at which the concept of engineering emerged. Some ethnographers believe that early on humans used tools equally soon as they were able to control burn too invent primitive weapons. However, many others believe that engineering emerged around the Industrial Revolution inwards 18thcentury England. Regardless of when it began, engineering science has played an important role in shaping human guild for centuries.

Importance of Technology

Technologies are a significant part of daily life inward the 21st century. It shapes everything from our social lives to our economical organization. Technology has get the world’s uniting forcefulness, in addition to it is critically important for businesses too individuals alike to empathise its implications.To displace forrad every bit a land we must have got a deep cognition of what is technology too how important it is for us. The following are some examples of how applied science impacts us on a day-to-twenty-four hours ground:


We utilisation communication devices such equally jail cell phones, computers, tablets, etc., every single 24-hour interval. These devices allow people to communicate amongst each other at any time or identify. They also render access to datathat can be used by anyone who needs it. For example, if yous demand directions to your destination, yous could only expect up “directions” online using Google Maps. If you want to know what the atmospheric condition volition be similar inward another city, you could check out Weather Underground. Technologies have made our lives easier and more convenient than ever earlier!


Cars have got been around for hundreds of years but they weren’t very efficient untillatterly when nosotros started making them smaller as well as lighter. Nowadays cars are much faster in addition to safer than they were even a few decades ago. We’ve come a long fashion from horses together with buggies! Nowadays AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) has been used to brand shipping safer, faster, as well as easier. The same can be said near airplanes as well. They’re at presentand so fast that people don’t actually call back twice near flying anywhere on curt notice. It’s amazing how far engineering has taken us over such a relatively small amount of time.


There is no shortage of amusement options available today. You can lookout man movies at habitation or pop off run across alive shows inward theaters. If you want to mind to music, there are many different ways to do it including CDs, MP3 players, iPods, etc. And if you lot like sports,the Internet makes watching games slow for everyone. So what else could we perhaps demand?

Information too Education

We have access to all kinds of knowledge through books, magazines, newspapers, tv set, radio, together with even video games. But amongst this abundance of data comes an overload of choices.

Computer Technology
Computer Technology

Whatare the Types of Technology?

A single slice of technology may oft fall exterior of a unmarried category, but averagely at that place are half dozen categories of engineering science: communication, electrical, energy, manufacturing, medical, too transport.

Advantages of Technologies

Technology is a term that has been used for equally long equally humans have been able to create together with create anything. The advantages are asfollows:

  • Technology also allows us to do things similar communicate amongst one another over swell distances or even across oceans; this would not live possible without technological advancements.
  • It is of import to bank bill that although these advances allow us to attain more than ever before.
  • It allowed us to win wars nosotros could never have won otherwise.
  • Another reward of technologies is its power to brand our lives easier by allowing us to work faster, cheaper,in addition to safer.

Disadvantages of Technology

Disadvantages of Technologies are as follows:

  • It can crusade problems in the environs such as pollution and global warming.
  • technological factors tin can campaign problems inwards the workplace. For example, it may create distractions, which tin can decrease productivity.
  • Technologies tin can also give ascent to issues of privacy too security, which are critical for people who usagethe Technologies at work.
  • Furthermore, novel technologies come alongside an increment in price, which can live bothersome for businesses that require to adopt these technologies on a regular basis.
  • Finally, some companies have got been known to supervene upon human workers with machines or robots because they believe this volition atomic number 82 to more efficient production.
  • This is not ever true; sometimes replacing humans alongside machines leads to higher costs than hiring additional employees.

How does Technology Affect our Lives?

Technology has changed our lives inwards many dissimilar ways and continues to evolve every bit we explore novel innovations. It is of import to empathise how it affects the fashion we alive too the impact it has on society. Technology has influenced the mode we live. It has caused people to become more than subject on their smartphones, created social networks which have got helped us detect other people amongst similarinterests, and made it possible for businesses to marketplace their products worldwide through the internet. These are exactly a few examples of the ways inwards which technologies have got changed our lives.

Technology tin can live used for adept or bad depending on who uses it in addition to what purpose it serves. For example:

Mobile phones are now so mutual that most people carry them around all day long. They allow us to communicate straight off with anyone at any fourth dimension of the twenty-four hours or dark. This allows us to restconnected even when away from abode, work, school, etc. Habits including excessive mobile telephone usage may campaign complications, including physical hurting, hearing loss, tinnitus, slumber problems, depression, anxiety, stress, as well as other psychological disorders. It is also possible that these devices could lead to addiction if they become a role of our daily lives.


Technology is an umbrella term for all human being-made tools in addition to machines that humansinvent. It tin be used to bring up to whatever type of human conception, such equally machines, inventions, together with fifty-fifty social systems. It has its advantages and disadvantages. What volition live the issue of the applied science really depends on how we exercise it.

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