the importance of health with insurance

Insurance If you want to have life and health protection in the future, millennials need to prepare insurance early on. Here are 4 reasons why insurance is important for millennials:
Cheaper Premium Fee
If you decide to have insurance at a young age, the premium you pay will be much cheaper. The health condition that is still healthy at the age of 20-30 years is the reason for the low premium costs.
It is different if you have insurance when you are 40-50 years old, the company will charge a higher premium because your health condition is different than when you were young and the risk of getting the disease is higher.
Giving Protection


Insurance will provide protection when you experience risk in the future. The protection you get will depend on the type of insurance you choose.
If you choose health insurance, then you will get protection in health care. While in life insurance, the insurance company will bear the risk if the customer dies.
By preparing insurance early on, you don’t have to worry about losses from uncertainties that occur in the future.
Greater Insurance Application Opportunity
If you apply for insurance from a young age, then the chances of being accepted by the insurance company will be greater, because it is assumed that you are applying in good health without comorbidities.
It’s different if the insurance application occurs at the age of 40-50, the insurance company will conduct a strict screening for prospective customers. This is because, at this age range, a person is at greater risk for disease and death.
To Manage FinanceInstead of buying modern coffee and boba drinks every day, you can divert your finances for useful things, such as insurance. By having insurance, money that is often used for lifestyle alone, you can use to pay insurance premiums every month.
That way, you can feel the benefits and get protection in the future.
After knowing 4 reasons why insurance is important, now is the time to protect yourself and your family!

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