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The support system is – Many say, one of life’s experiences that is hard to forget is when you are at the lowest point, but it is difficult to get back up. If you are in this position, you should immediately find the right support system.

Why is that? Because the various problems you face can affect your social relationships and psychological health. The support system helps you to maintain both.

Let’s just say that the support system is the first person you turn to for help, whether for advice, solutions, or new insights. That way, at least you know what to do.

So, what exactly is the support system? Why does Grameds need to have it? In this article, we will get to know more about the support system to make your life better.

support system
support system


Understanding Support System

Support system is a term for people who can help and are always by your side in any situation, especially in difficult circumstances. They are people you trust completely and are ready to accommodate various complaints about life’s problems. If needed they will also provide full support to you.

Instead, you will not feel lonely when facing difficult times and can find a way out or find a solution together. That way, you will be better prepared to deal with all the problems that occur.

Rook (1985) also emphasized that the support system is part of the function of social bonds that describe the quality of relationships between individuals, friendships, friendships, and romance. In addition, this relationship is an aspect that can provide emotional satisfaction in human life.

In short, when Grameds get support from the environment, then everything will feel easier. Not only that, you can also feel safe and protected from various problems that befall you. In fact, at a further point, the support system can make you feel cared for, loved, calm, and more confident.

There is one book that can serve as an illustration for this support system, namely the book Historical Romance: Aku Dan Sang Duke (The Duke And I) by Julia Quinn.

Why Grameds Need to Have a Support System?

Many psychologists and mental health experts say that the support system has an important role in human life. Because, as social beings, humans need support from those closest to them to face crises and achieve goals.

A study in the American Psychological Association found a strong relationship between social support and various aspects of health and well-being.

On the other hand, poor social support can also lead to depression and loneliness. As a result, the risk of depression, drug and drug abuse, suicide, cardiovascular disease, and changes in brain function is significantly increased.

Who Can Become a Support System?


The first support system you have is your family at home. From a young age, family has always been an encouragement and support, no matter what situation you face. Father, Mother, Brother, and Sister always accompany you through every moment in life.

Therefore, keep in touch with all family members at home as best as possible. Appreciate their existence and give the same feedback so that your life will be even better. After all, sharing about anything with the family sounds fun, right?

Friends and Friends
After reaching the age of children and often playing outside the house, you begin to get to know friends and friends. Starting from one or two neighbors who are the same age until you can’t count how many friends you have.

Friends, another story. Sometimes from the many friends you have, some of them become good friends. However, there wouldn’t be too many, or maybe around one to five.

The main point is that good friends and friends will always provide support and encouragement to each other. In other words, it’s hard to be happy together.

In some cases, friends or companions can also be a support system after the family is at home. In fact, there are also people who are more open with friends or friends than family members at home.


For some people, a partner can also be an important support system. Maybe Grameds is one of them. Because, positive and mutually supportive relationships will indeed make you more enthusiastic about living life.

With a partner, you can share complaints, hopes, problems, and encourage each other. So, what if you haven’t found a partner yet?

Take it easy, the solitude you are living right now will not last forever. When the time comes, you will find the right person and can be your best support system.


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