Insurance Founder Aims To Aid The Earth “Go More Fair”

The son of a Chinese immigrant mother in addition to Jewish male parent, Jonathon Grayson ’97 grew upward inward a rural New York town of ii,500. He realized at a immature age that beingness dissimilar was hard, as well as even so it made him yearn for a more equal Earth.

Jonathon Grayson ’97



His dad oftentimes drove him thirty miles to the nearest Jewish temple or more than 150 miles to New York’s Chinatown to see his grandparents, making him “aware of a much larger globe out there,” he says. To him, that wider globe seemed more than various and accepting than his modest town together with left him with the deep feel that everyone deserves fairness.

Now Grayson is CEO as well as cofounder of Surround Insurance, which “helps the globe become more than fair,” he says, by providing new kinds of coverage. Grayson is using engineering, information, and blueprint to make insurance about people’second activities, non only their assets—policies aimed at millennials as well as Gen Zers. He created the business organization to address a paradigm shift, he says.

The American dream later on World War II was owning a house as well as automobile because it signaled success. But the price of houses in addition to cars in the decades since has become prohibitive, together with consumers are at once more than aware of the environmental touch of driving. So many young people today are first their adult lives past biking as well as sharing cars in addition to houses.

Surround offers non-owner car insurance for those driving a borrowed or rented car; renter’s insurance for personal property as well as accidents; biking insurance that covers stolen or damaged bikes as well every bit injuries in addition to lost reward if y’all’re hit past a machine; in addition to freelancing insurance for errors inward service or failure to render service. After a customer answers online questions, an algorithm designs an individualized, affordable package.


“Young people have more than adventure than their parents, who oftentimes spent a career in the same task,” says Grayson, citing surveys showing that near one-half of employees in their 20s are freelancing. “They likewise worry virtually burdening parents amongst educatee loans, supporting themselves if out of work, together with paying bills later an accident. And amongst the pandemic, life became even riskier.”

Grayson founded Surround subsequently fourteen years at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where he oversaw the client experience of 12 one thousand thousand policyholders representing $xviii billion inwards revenue. His SB inward economic science from MIT together with an MBA from Cornell as well helped fix him to launch his ain fellowship. “MIT taught me grit,” he says. “As a startup, nosotros’ve had very hard moments, simply I learned you just figure it out.”


He lives about Boston alongside his married woman, Amy Grayson ’97, PhD ’03, as well as their 2 sons.