Environmentally technology

Environmentally friendly technology is a concept or method to achieve certain goals, which in its implementation refers to environmental insight or pays attention to the rules of the surrounding environment. From this understanding, it has inspired the birth of various applied technologies, which are both safe and friendly to living things on Earth or to the surrounding natural environment.

It must be admitted that to be able to obtain this technology requires a fairly expensive cost when compared to buying equipment with conventional technology. This condition is certainly a challenge for developers to create technology that is environmentally friendly but also affordable (cheap).

Principles in the Concept of Eco-Friendly Technology

In simple terms, environmentally friendly technology is technology that was created to facilitate human life without the need to damage or have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. Technology like this is expected to be able to protect the environment, for example in environmentally friendly technological tools that do not use pollutants, and in the end can provide proper handling of the wastes that may be generated from these environmentally friendly technological tools.

There are 6 principles applied to the concept of environmentally friendly technology, namely:

Refine, which means using environmentally friendly materials and through processes that are safer than previous technologies.
Reduce, which means reducing the amount of waste by optimizing the use of materials.
Reuse, which means reusing materials that are not used or have been in the form of waste and processed in different ways.
Recycle, which means almost the same as reuse, only recycle reuses materials or waste and is processed in the same way.
Recovery, which means the use of certain materials from waste to be processed for other purposes.
Retrieve Energy, which means saving energy in a production process.
Benefits of the Green Technology Concept

Technology that is friendly to the environment certainly provides enormous benefits for everyday life, including:

Environmentally friendly technology is very effective and efficient in terms of utilization of natural resources, so that the environment can be maintained properly.
Environmentally friendly technology can reduce the amount of waste so that it is not excessive, so that it can prevent environmental pollution.
Environmentally friendly technology reduces the risk of decreasing the health conditions of living things, especially humans.
Environmentally friendly technology can reduce production costs (saving) by utilizing natural resources as part of technology that is able to save costs. An example is the use of solar electricity which only relies on solar energy free of charge.
Examples of Application of Environmentally Friendly Technology Concepts in the World

Technology has become a daily meal in this day and age, but the use of today’s unlimited technology will lead to a scarcity of non-renewable technology sources. That’s why scientists are working hard to create technologies that can be both renewable and environmentally friendly. The following is an example of the application of the concept of environmentally friendly technology in parts of the world:

The Reichstag, Berlin


It is a government building that uses glass and mirrors to reflect sunlight as far as possible, so there is no need to rely on artificial lighting. Not only that, this building can also collect rainwater and is also a place to collect energy sources. This building is the parliament building, a place where government officials work for the people.

Air Tree, Spanyol

air tree

It was the first building erected in Madrid to be made from recycled materials. Not only that, this building also provides natural ventilation and provides heat protection when summer comes. This building is also equipped with solar energy collected from photovoltaic panels that are used to water the plants and all things related to plant maintenance in the Air Tree.

The Science Barge, New York

This building is a place for environmental education as well as a greenhouse that floats above the Hudson River, New York. This greenhouse is equipped with solar power which is used to move it with the help of wind and bio-fuels. Due to the difficulty of obtaining fertile and healthy soil, the plants in this building are developed in a hydroponic way so that the plants still get all the nutrients they need from water instead of soil.

The Sun Moon Mansion, China

Since China is the country with the most human population in the world, the Chinese government has plans to use renewable technologies to prevent the potential shortage of non-renewable energy sources. One way is to build this building. This building provides office, conference and training facilities, as well as being the largest solar energy producing building in the world today.



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