DASA Standard Terms and Conditions

The guidance below volition aid you lot to empathise who can apply for funding, the sort of projects the Defence in addition to Security Accelerator (DASA) funds, too the terms and atmospheric condition of DASA contracts.

Who can apply

DASA submissions are welcome from the private sector, academia,individuals (i.e. sole traders) together with Public Sector Research Establishments (PSREs). DASA will examine the legal status of organisations prior to placement of any contract. In most cases there are no nationality restrictions, even so DASA individual contest documents volition item whatever necessary restrictions.

Excluding ineligible suppliers

Weexpect our suppliers to maintain the highest standards of integrity together with professionalism in their concern dealings in addition to adhere to the laws of the countries where they operate.

We reserve the right to exclude a supplier who’s been convicted of any of the offences or misconduct listed inward the ‘statement relating to goodness standing’ that will be sent to yous if you’re successful nether a DASA contest.

What DASA funds

We fund innovative and exploitable ideas that could lead to an reward for U.K. armed forces in addition to national safety, too support United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland prosperity.

We utilization engineering readiness levels (TRL) to give an indication of an design. See the tabular array below for guidance.

TRL Ministry of Defence (MOD) definition
1 Basic principles observed too reported
ii Technology concept together with/or application formulated
three Analytical and experimental critical office in addition to/or characteristic proof of concept
iv Technology basic validation in a laboratory environment
5 Technology basic validation inward a relevant surroundings
vi Technology model or image demonstration inward a relevant surround
vii Technology prototype demonstration inward an operational environment
8 Actual engineering science completed in addition to qualified through examine as well as demonstration
nine Actual applied science qualified through successful mission operations

If y’all have a product together with are looking to become a defence force supplier, you may wish to talk to the MOD Defence Suppliers’ Service.

What DASA does not fund

DASA more often than not does non fund the following unless explicitly stated in the contest document.

  • projects or manpower that is currently receiving funding or has already been funded from elsewhere in government
  • solutions at TRL nine, unless explicitly stated inwards the competition document
  • concepts which are non novel or innovative
  • consultancy
  • ideas from withinGovernment (excluding Public Sector Research Establishments (PSREs).
  • commercialisation of ideas

If y’all are concerned your project falls inward to ane of these categories together with are unsure if you should submit a full proposal for a competition please submit an invention outline which volition live checked past a member of our team.

Our Competitions

You tin can applyfor funding via a themed competition or the Open Call for Innovation. All open up opportunities are listed on the ‘Apply for Funding’ page.

In improver to the guidance on this page yous must refer to the relevant competition document for the competition specific terms too conditions, including the specific contract.

Your Proposal

DASA recognises the value of your intellectual belongings (IP). We use a number of safeguards to protect the information y’all provide to us inwards your proposals, whilst allowing proper scrutiny of your submissions past our skilful assessors, facilitating effective collaboration, and achieving appropriate transparency of how world money is existence spent.

Unless stated otherwise below or inward the relevantcompetition document, all information y’all provide to us equally component of your proposal, that is not already available to us from other sources, will live handled in confidence. This information will entirely be used for the purposes for which it is provided to us. It won’t be used for other purposes, without us having obtained the necessary rights as well as permissions to do thus.

DASA reserves the right to unwrap on a confidential ground whatever informationit receives from you during the procurement procedure to whatever third party engaged past DASA for the specific purpose of evaluating or assisting DASA inward the evaluation of your proposal. For the specific purposes of considering additional funding for a contest as well as onward exploitation opportunities, DASA also reserves the correct to percentageinformation in your proposal inward-confidence with whatever Britain Government Department. In providing such info y’all consent to such disclosure. Appropriate confidentiality agreements volition be place inwards home

As component part of your proposal y’all volition live required to provide a proposal championship and a brusk abstract that yous permit us to release in addition to employment freely. You will also be required to provide a longer in addition to more than detailed abstract that volition rest confidential.

We will go on the title; abstract; totalcost; applied science surface area; organisation; in addition to whatsoever related prior submission reference number, detailed in your proposal.

We will brand sure all proposals which are downloaded by us from our online submission service are appropriately classified together with acquire a digital watermark. The watermark names the soul who volition assess the proposal, along with the date and time it was downloaded.


For proposals that we fund, in accordance with the Government’sTransparency Agenda, we are required to bring out information inward honour of Contract documents, comprising:

  • all non-redacted elements of the final terms in addition to weather
  • all non-redacted elements of the contract schedules. This must include the overall price, but non a breakdown of the pricing construction if that detailed info can be redacted under the Freedom of Information Act
  • all non-redacted elements of your proposal where these are incorporated into the concludingcontract schedules or the terms and weather condition.

In add-on to the in a higher place, for proposals that nosotros fund nosotros will put out on DASA website your arrangement refer together with type; DASA reference (ACCxxxxxx) as well as project title; as well as contract value.

OurStandard Contracts

For your proposal to be accepted for assessment, y’all must tick a box to confirm your arrangement’s unqualified credence of DASA terms and conditions for the respective contest. The following guidance volition help yous to empathise what these terms in addition to conditions mean.

DASA uses the Innovation Standard ContractDASA Open Call Terms in addition to Conditions July 2022 (PDF, 381 KB, 23 pages) (ISC)

The ISC is a brusk set of terms and atmospheric condition that hold been created specifically for the provision of innovative requirements. This brusque and elementary contracting method aims to encourage engagement with DASA, whilst having the complexities of some other contracting methods removed.

Please bank bill: Themed Competitions have got specific terms in addition to conditions which you lot can find alongside the relevant contest document. A listing of electric current Themed Competitions tin can be viewedhither

We reserve the correct to add together additional contractual weather if individual circumstances dictate. Any additions volition be mutually agreed with you lot earlier a contract is awarded.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property in the ISC is inwards most cases managed according to theMOD criterion intellectual property contract condition for fully funded enquiry contracts – DEFCON 705. Under the terms of DEFCON 705 whatsoever intellectual belongings generated nether the contract belongs to the contractor. In return, the funding Authority obtains a laid of rights to utilization the delivered technical info too associated intellectual holding for specified purposes. More info on DEFCON 705 tin be foundhere.

The MOD commercial toolkit is accessible on theMODinternet site too contains details on MOD contract weather. The site is available via registered access. You’ll take to register and then activate your business relationship earlier you lot tin can browse the toolkit. Be aware that it could take a menstruation of time for the account to be activated.

Deliverables too Deliverable Markings

In your proposal to us, you must depict the ‘deliverables’ from your projection; inwardsother words, what volition live produced in addition to delivered every bit a termination of the project.

In competitions using the ISC and DEFCON 705 you lot must also land inwards your proposal if the deliverables are what we call ‘Full Rights’ or ‘Limited Rights’ versions. Full Rights Versions alone contain Foreground Information – information generated nether the work that nosotros contract with yous. Limited Rights Versions contain both Foreground Information and BackgroundInformation, the latter being info non generated under the work we contract with y’all e.g. information generated under previous private venture funding. You must provide us with a Full Rights Version of all deliverables, ensuring that it is coherent on its own. You may also provide to us a Limited Rights Version where we hold it is useful to include background information relevant to the evaluation/understanding of the deliverables. Limited Rights Versions of deliverables won’t bereleased past us outside of Government.

Where y’all specify inwards your proposal ‘Limited Rights’ versions of deliverables, you must also specify whether the relevant Background Information has been previously generated under contract using MOD funding. Where this is the example y’all should also country clearly in your proposal the details of the prior contract too the associated intellectual property contract atmospheric condition. Where any deliverable is bailiwick to tertiaryparty intellectual belongings rights (IPR) you must also describe this inwards your proposal.

As detailed inwards the ISC, yous must mark your deliverables in accordance with the document mark scheme detailed therein.


All prices quoted for DASA proposals are business firm (non-variable) together with must live exclusive of VAT. Pricesquoted are not discipline to the effects of escalation or telephone exchange-rate variation.

As good every bit the technical aspects, value for coin will also live taken into consideration during the assessment of your proposal. To help with this, prices in your proposal must be supported by a total cost breakdown.

Note that all bought-inwards items will become our property too will live registered equally authorities-furnished assets (GFA).


We will brand payment inward accordance with the terms of the relevant contract.

You can propose an interim payment design, which must be supported past a detailed expenditure profile showing projected monthly expenditure figures.

The interim payment plan must provide clearly defined work stages, deliverables with associated payments in addition to timescales.

If y’all’re requesting interim payments y’all must comply with the next:

  1. We won’t pre-fund whatsoever expenditure, therefore interimpayment claims mustn’t include costs not yet incurred.
  2. Each interim payment must live related to verifiable achievement.
  3. No more than than half dozen interim payments are to be proposed.
  4. The lastly payment, entitled ‘satisfactory completion of all piece of work under the contract’, shall live at least twenty% of the total quoted firm cost.

Government-furnished assets

Government Furnished Assets (GFA)could live equipment, information or resources that are regime-owned too loaned (on a free-of-accuse footing) to a contractor to help inwards the completion of the contract. GFA is non provided lightly too solely where there are substantial and pressing reasons (e.g. where in that location would live significant fiscal or character benefits to the work equally a final result of using GFA). Therefore, if in that location is a demonstrableinvolve that can entirely be met via GFA, this should be detailed in your proposal.

Ethical approval

It’s a status of the contract that, every bit sure work must be justified ethically equally good equally scientifically, we reserve the right to terminate the piece of work with immediate effect if you lot don’t gain therelevant blessing.

You should submit your priced proposal using a staged approach, detailing deliverables and prices for work that can be done earlier too subsequently getting ethical approving.

Read more than well-nigh MOD ethical approval as well as other regulations which may bear upon your work.


When submitting your proposal, you lot must provide a resourcing plan that identifies, where possible, the nationalities of those proposed inquiry workers that y’all think working on this phase. Before we tin can honor a contract, nosotros demand each proposed research worker to consummate a Form 388 that we will utilization to perform due diligence together with obtain necessary clearances. Please Federal Reserve note that this process will take every bit long every bit necessary too could bring upwards to 6 weeks inward some cases for non-United Kingdom nationals.A Form 388 volition live sent to yous if you lot’re successful under a DASA contest.

Each Form 388 must be signed together with returned with a brief curriculum vitae (CV) of each someone by the nominated private completing the work. The relevant people volition live named in the subsequent contract. Throughout the life of whatever contract y’all must notify us inward writing if you intend to alter or add additional enquiryworkers. You must provide a completed Form 388 too CV for whatever novel research workers.


You must appoint a someone who’s responsible for all communications with us.

After a contract has been awarded, all queries should be directed to the named points of contact detailed inwards the contract documentation.

English language is the official linguistic communication for all communication betwixt bidders,DASA in addition to in all parts of DASA proposals.

You must provide details to us of any related populace proclamation for review prior to release.

We’ll usage the email address that you lot used to create your account in addition to the telephone number in your profile to contact you.

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