Creality 3D Ender 5 S1 3D Printer

Speedy to Realize Creative Ideas

Upgraded motility system for 2000mm/s² acceleration as well as up to 250mm/s (5 times) printing speed*. Each X/Y/Z axis is driven pasta high-precision stepper motor. A steel transmission shaft to connect and sync the ii Y-axis belts. High-torque Y-axis 42-48 motor for responsive in addition to precise motion.

Higher Efficiency as well as More Eco-friendly

It slashes printing time for all types of models. Higher efficiency and less mightiness consumption.

Stand Firmly to Print Quality Models

An all-metallic cube frame goes alongside the classic Cartesian construction. The stability is enhanced past thick linear shafts, extra gussets, ii cantilevers, as well as silicone bed mounts.

Higher Success Rate

100% successrate for 1,000-hr printing at 250mm/s high speed as well as 0.2mm layer superlative.

Direct Extrusion Adapted to Flexible Filaments

The all-metal “Sprite” guide extruder features dual gears of a 1:three.v gear ratio. It delivers a powerful too uniform 80Nextrusion strength. Way improve when printing alongside flexible filaments similar TPU.

Hotend Upgrade for High-temp Printing

Titanium Alloy Heatbreak: Low thermal electrical conductivity for blocking heat creep. Able to tame up to 300℃. Corrugated Heatsink: 2.5 times surface area that is rapidly air-cooled by a silent axial period fan. Large Melting Chamber: 50mm³ melting bedroom surrounded by a big 4000mm³ heater block.

Get a Cool Model Promptly

The particular “Urus” air ducts channel the stiff current of air generated by a big 5015 fan to cool the freshly printed section direct. The deposited hot cloth volition harden in addition to bond upwards straight off, thence less drooping or warping caused pastoverheating. It gives amend overhangs, bridges, as well as more details overall.

Explore alongside High-temp Filaments

A whole novel globe opens, every bit a diversity of rut-resistant engineering plastic filaments are brought into the game. Regular Filaments: PLA, PETG, TPU High-temp filaments*: ABS, PC, ASA, HIPS

Quicker Expert-Level Calibration

Level the bed apace by CR Touch automobile-leveling in addition to auxiliary leveling, or offset the Z-axis summit at 0.01mm accuracy. Get the perfect offset layer amongst less hassle.

Straightforward Touch Screen UI

4.3-inch touch onscreen featuring a broad viewing angle, sensitive answer, and a tabbed user interface. A temperature PID control page is besides added for tardily adjustment.

Sticky together with Bendable PC Build Surface

The PC bound steel canvas has 2 notches as well as a magneticbase of operations for quick installation. The frosted PC surface is gluey to models. After printing, the model tin can be removed right away amongst a slight bend.

Electrical Safety and Reliability

Secure aviation connecter. Encased 350W might adapter. And no moreunloosen wires and cables with the nylon wire harness sleeve. All for safety and tidiness