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Finalyear Architectural Technology pupil, Sophie Orr, describes studying at Edinburgh Napier in addition to what it’s similar winning gilt inward the 2019 WorldSkills Britain Live Awards

“I’1000 Sophie Orr, I’thousand 24-years-onetime and I’1000 inward quaternary year at Edinburgh Napier University studying Architectural Technology”

I enrolled at a dissimilar university afterwards leaving high school together with studied architecture for two years. After a while though, I establish that it wasn’t for me, therefore I decided to leave, together with I took a twelvemonth awayfrom educational activity. I and then got into college inwards Motherwell, to study Computer Aided Architectural Design and Technology. I actually enjoyed the course too got my HND subsequently ii years in that location, too was able to move straight to third twelvemonth at Edinburgh Napier to written report for my ArchitecturalArchitectural Technology student, Sophie Orr, holding a textbook Technology level.

“I’ve e’er beeninterested inwards the applied science, software in addition to visualisations of architecture”

I learned a lot from college, but university definitely offers more than technical info. I’ve ever wanted to have a level every bit good in addition to it’s really skillful being able to move to academy together with acquire all the skills I didn’t get from college.

“A highlight for me has to live the group projection concluding semester”

Last semester we did a grouping projection which was loads of fun. Basically, at that place’s 12 people inwards a grouping in addition to eachgroup gets given a large pattern project. The most exciting part most it though, is that at that place’s people from lots of different courses who come up together inwards each grouping – there were those studying an architectural engineering grade like me, construction direction students, quantity surveying students, as well as more than. Although it was stressful at times, too a lot of piece of work, I think getting that terminate product too and then standing upward together with presenting it to all the lecturers and students from these unlike courseswas extremely rewarding too definitely a highlight of mine from my time at academy. We spent 3 months doing this massive project, therefore seeing it all come up together was neat!

“Lecturers are lovely in addition to really helpful”

One of the lecturers I had for structure direction, Andrew Brown was very practiced at telling you lot precisely what you lot need to do as well as how to acquire at that place, sometimes the information you lot’re given is quite wide thence I liked that he could give you a clear management, together with he was alwayshappy to aid too rattling hands-on.

“I would definitely recommend the class”

I’ve learned a lot from both college together with academy hence I would definitely recommend the architectural engineering science course of instruction at Edinburgh Napier.
I’ve developed my team working as well as collaboration skills and I’ve also learnt a lot nearly working with a range of students studying other built surround courses.
The course has helped me acquire almost other professions together with what the people I piece of work alongside need from me inwardsorder to do their task. On pass of that, I’ve learnt a lot about edifice standards, burn down regulations and other technical aspects.

“I desire to accept my career abroad as well as I’k confident I have got the skills to do it”

Once I graduate, I volition continue working at Keppie design to gain farther experience, in addition to and then promise to accept my skills abroad inward the futurity. I desire to move to Australia because I recall the skillset, I have got is really useful in addition to sough later on over at that place. I desire to endeavour in addition to get asimilar-flat position to what I’thousand inwards at present when I’one thousand inward Commonwealth of Australia.
I also have family unit friends inward America, inwards San Francisco, therefore I’d dear to effort as well as find work in that location also!

“I won golden inwards the WorldSkills United Kingdom Live Awards”

I starting time heard most WorldSkills from an onetime college lecturer in addition to he recommended I locomote for it, as well as I did!
The competition is all most the practical skills such every bit modelling too using innovative architecture software, performing clashes, clash detection formodels we were given, in addition to how we would fix those clashes.
There are regionals in all the countries in the Great Britain too that feeds into the principal Great Britain case inwards Birmingham. I competed inward the regional contest for Scotland and I won. This followed a two-24-hour interval case in Birmingham, too in that location were 4 of us who had made it from Scotland.
Throughout the 2 days y’all were given a Business Information Modelling (BIM) execution program, which is all the standards as well as naming conventions in information drops, thisis for when y’all’re uploading things to the common information surroundings. You get given 2-Dimensional flooring plans of a building too you lot have to take those plans and turn it into a 3-Dimensional model. The contest is all almost accuracy in addition to fourth dimension management, thence y’all lose marks for uploading things belatedly too when things are overlooked or wrong.
At the cease of the two days they announced the winners together with I won golden! It felt corking that all my hard piece of work had paid off too it volition wait dandy on my CVfor potential employers to see that this is something I have accomplished.

BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology graduate, Lisa Playfair, speaks of her experience at Edinburgh Napier University in addition to life subsequently graduation.

“At Edinburgh Napier you could encounter a signal and purpose to the work you lot were doing.”image of lisa playfair

In school I didn’t know almost Architecture Technology, I didn’t know it was a matter. I started non actually knowing what Architecture Technology was but equally before long equally I came hither I actually, actually enjoyed it. I discover the dependent really interesting as well as that was downwards to the way the course of instruction is run as well as how practical it was. At Edinburgh Napier y’all could meet a bespeak in addition to purpose to the work you lot were doing.

“It’s taking architecture but applying it to existent life with more emphasis onengineering, details and also agreement the basics.”

The problem from a school leavers persuasion if y’all’re interested inward Art, Physics or the Built Environment y’all default into Engineering or Architecture because you lot don’t know what else is involved inwards Construction. Architecture Technology is more than virtually Buildability too buildings that piece of work. It’s combining designs that work with details and practicality together with how you make things. It’s taking architecture but applying it to existent life withmore than emphasis on applied science, details and also agreement the basics.

Currently I’1000 working as an Assistant Site Manager. I graduated from university in addition to went on to a do a Graduate Construction Management bailiwick on-site. It’s benefited me coming from an architecture engineering science background working on a structure site as it allows me to have a different perspective which is adept. At that plane if yous have got a basic noesis which the Architecture Technology course gives you lot, it agencyyou can get into anything inwards structure.

 “The expert affair well-nigh the Architecture Technology course of study is you tin apply it to a whole range of dissimilar industries.“

The practiced affair almost the Architecture Technology course of instruction is you don’t have to become an architectural technologist amongst that grade. I hold a friend who’s working equally an Architecture Technologist too another who works every bit a planner working amongst land evolution. Another pop career option is game blueprint, a lot of itinvolves using CAD as well as 3D modelling on computers, doing architectural models online as well as yous tin can blueprint games and pic sets. You can apply it to a whole range of different industries.  Just because you lot don’t do architecture doesn’t hateful yous tin’t design buildings. By doing architecture engineering science together with yous tin nevertheless design buildings too do everything an architect can. You tin even have got your ain practise.

“Interacting with people who work inwards that industry together with hearing them employmentreal-life examples was incredibly beneficial to myself as well as the other students. It’s non all most textbooks in addition to reading but this allowed us to visualise what they’re proverb. ”

What I actually enjoyed about the course of study is that each twelvemonth nosotros had a person come up in from industry who works equally an Architecture Technician. They would speak well-nigh what projects they were working on in addition to they would give feedback on your designs. You would actually have on board what they’re proverb and that was from twenty-four hours anewhere you lot would be taught by people alongside experience. Interacting with people who work inwards that industry and hearing them usage real-life examples was incredibly beneficial to myself together with the other students. It’s not all most textbooks as well as reading but this allowed us to visualise what they’re maxim. There was a practiced residuum betwixt practical in addition to academic learning. The theory I was taught was incredibly relevant in the piece of work that I’m doing now together with I apply it inward my place at present.

“Thetheory I was taught was incredibly relevant inwards the piece of work that I’m doing now as well as I apply it inwards my position at present.”

At Napier, inward my 3rd yr I signed upwards for the Employer Mentoring Scheme and I got paired with a Project Manager who worked for Balfour Beatty together with he got me a ii calendar week experience during the Summer which led on to a iii month placement. I also had a yr-long part-fourth dimension internship amongst the university. It was the academy giving me the chance to piece of work for them patch alsosupporting me existence a pupil. It was an internal job posting for architectural engineering science students – which was paid equally good. So overall, I’ve had over a twelvemonth’s experience and all that has been a effect of Edinburgh Napier supporting their students. I incertitude I would have got my graduate job without this because the experience makes such a big divergence.

“The course of study sets y’all upward well for the real world, working on large projects too working with other disciplines all adds to theprofessionalism of the course.”

The challenges of the course, yous hold to live committed fully, your designs are never finished too it tin be incredibly fourth dimension-consuming. With design projects, yous can never fully be satisfied together with you always call back of changes to be made after it’s been submitted. As a addition-side you do improve your mindset together with y’all acquire a very good piece of work ethic. It’s also incredibly rewarding, being able to wait back at your models and all your work it is such a groovy feeling.The course sets you lot upwardly well for the real globe, working on big projects and working amongst other disciplines all adds to the professionalism of the course of study.

“I recommend studying Architecture Technology because it offers really skilful life skills, it’s really interesting as well as also incredibly rewarding.”

I recommend studying Architecture Technology because it offers really practiced life skills, it’s actually interesting as well as also incredibly rewarding. The biggest thing is work,but don’t piece of work besides difficult, just brand sure you rest on go past of it. Learn to live able to measure back a lilliputian chip because yous tin can acquire worked upwards over your own design. Have a piffling interruption and travel dorsum to it when you’re in a better caput infinite. I would say it’s worth the challenges together with later on 4 years y’all’ll await dorsum too be proud of the work y’all’ve done.